I’m a PhD student in mathematics at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. In my copious free time
I wish.
I like to hack on free software—especially anything involving Haskell or Emacs—play the guitar, ride my bike around, or watch classic movies. I also spend way too much money on (good) coffee and tea.

My work in mathematics can broadly be characterised under the term “monoidal category theory”. In particular, I like thinking about things like Hopf monads; graphical calculi; rigid, Grothendieck–Verdier
Also known as *-autonomous categories.
, linearly distributive, and duoidal categories; as well as operads. If you’re interested in my publications, you can check out my name on the arXiv. I’ve also given some talks, slides of which are available here.

As for the site itself: everything is statically generated—with the power of hakyll and pandoc—from markdown.
Org-mode would, of course, be preferrable, but markdown is pretty alright for this specific use-case.
The full source code is available here. For reference: here are my Emacs, qmk, and kmonad configurations. All posts are written on a ThinkPad X220 in gnu Emacs, probably on an Atreus. If the latter is unavailable, kmonad supplies me with a proper keyboard layout.

Most of the time, I’m fastest to reply via E-Mail or IRC, but you try any of the following channels: